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UNISON Energy installs, owns and operates on-site power generation solutions. UNISON’s solutions provide our clients with electric and thermal energy that reduces energy costs, increases reliability, and provides a more environmentally friendly energy solution than the local utility.

Reduce Costs

We install equipment on-site that generates electric and thermal energy at a discount to the rates offered by the utility and 3rd party marketers.

Increase Reliability

We increase energy reliability by providing on-site generation solutions that cover 100% of our clients’ energy load, in addition to keeping the traditional “grid” access.  When the grid is down, our clients continue to operate.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We use clean natural gas, biofuels, and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies to reduce our clients’ carbon footprint from energy use up to 40%.

No Capital Required

We bill our clients based on electric and thermal energy usage.  UNISON Energy installs, owns, operates and maintains the equipment so our clients begin saving money immediately with no up-front investment.

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