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What We Do

Unison Energy owns and operates on-site, turnkey microgrid solutions that provide our clients with significant cost savings, energy resiliency, and reduced carbon footprints. We design, build, own, operate, and maintain on-site generation systems through long-term energy services agreements that require no capital investment from our clients. We bill our clients only for energy provided to the facility.

Customers and Locations

Sectors include healthcare, industrial, food & beverage, supermarkets, distribution centers, hospitality, universities, and data centers. We have operating sites in California, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, and in-development sites in the Midwest.

Energy Systems

We design our microgrids with baseloads covered by cogeneration systems and can further integrate technologies like solar, storage, and EV charging. During utility outages, our microgrids enter island mode and power up to 100% of the facility’s load.

Our CHP systems use natural gas to produce both electricity and thermal energy, with system efficiencies of 60-85% versus about 38% grid efficiency. Generating electricity on-site and capturing waste heat can reduce your emissions by 20-60%, depending on location and thermal load.

How Microgrids Enable Resilient Power

how microgrids enable resilient power


Our Capabilities

We have invested in all areas necessary for successful turnkey microgrid projects, including:

Project Finance and Energy Analytics
Engineering and Project Management
Operations & Maintenance
Project Finance and Energy Analytics

We are the long-term owners of our projects, which stay on our balance sheet and are not sold to third parties.

On-Balance-Sheet Project Finance: Our clients put no money down because we finance our microgrids using 15-20 year energy services agreements. Our ESAs ensure that our interests are aligned with the client’s interests because we only earn returns when the project is operating and delivering benefits to the client. We build high-quality projects and maintain them to the highest standards to maximize uptime.

Our projects are backed with more than $150 million in equity capital commitments from highly regarded, long-term investors, American Infrastructure Funds, and Hunt Companies, Inc.

Project Modeling: We have developed in-house project pricing systems and a proprietary utility tariff database to properly size, model, and track every project’s long-term performance.

Engineering and Project Management

Because we own the sites, we invest in building for long-term operations.

Construction Management: Our project management team purchases major equipment coordinates construction schedules and manages contractors and all permitting, including emissions and environmental, utility interconnect, and local building authority permits.

In-house Engineering: Our team holds 45+ patents, with expertise that spans microgrid design, applications engineering, central plant integrations, electrical interconnect, emissions permitting, and incentive applications. We have deep experience in power generation, including CHP (reciprocating engines and turbines), solar, storage, and fuel cells.

Operations & Maintenance

Because we own the sites and our revenue depends on them, we are proactive in identifying and resolving issues quickly.

PowerIQ: We built a proprietary, data-driven, machine learning application for remote monitoring and diagnostics that includes advanced predictive analytics and performance tracking. Our integrated communication platform shares data among our monitoring teams, field technicians, and internal engineers. Our real-time data is available for integration into client BMS systems and on a mobile application.

Monitoring: Our 24/365 remote monitoring teams resolve most problems remotely, as they track and analyze data from system sensors that generate hundreds of data points per second.

Field Service: Technicians are assigned ownership of 2-4 sites and take the lead on coordinating planned and unplanned maintenance with the remote monitoring teams. Unison Energy has over $400,000 in spare parts to minimize resolution times.


Our Experience

We have designed, built, and commissioned sites that include 1,100 MW of distributed generation plants across +200 projects that include CHP, fuel cell, biogas, storage, and solar technologies, as well as 14.0 GW of utility-scale generating plants across 22 projects.

Our Projects

Hospitals like Peninsula Regional Medical Center, where our microgrid won a 2019 Energy Project of the Year Award from the Association of Energy Engineers.

Hotels like Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center, which has saved $1 million in annual energy costs for its 2.4 million square feet of space and is the subject of a Department of Energy case study.

Supermarkets like Whole Foods and ShopRite, which experienced 19 island mode events in 2019 alone, successfully avoiding operational disruptions and product spoilage.

Next Steps for New Customers

1. Initial Proposal:

Provide 12 months of electric/gas bills with hourly interval data. We can provide an initial pro forma assessment that outlines cost savings, resiliency, and carbon reduction.

2. Engineering Site Walk:

Schedule our engineers to review site drawings and walk the site to prepare an in-depth proposal.

3. Final Proposal:

Review Unison Energy’s final proposal with engineering details, financial pro-forms, and contracts ready to finalize and begin the project.

Contact Us to Get Started