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Scott Fiveland

Scott Fiveland

Vice President of Operations

Scott recently joined Unison Energy as Vice President of Operations. Prior, Scott served as worldwide chief engineer for natural gas engines at Caterpillar and head of product development at Caterpillar’s MWM brand in Mannheim, Germany, and technical leader of MAK Motoren DF46 engines. Recently, Scott led critical prototype commissioning events for Caterpillar, such as the main propulsion plant for the World’s 1st Liquified Natural Gas cruise ship, which had a 60+MW power plant.

He is a proven innovator and technology leader with 45+ patents, many of which have been implemented to create new product offerings. He has been involved in the engine and power systems area for about 25 years – previously working with Caterpillar for over 20 as well as sailing for a year on a range of steam/diesel blue water vessels as a power plant operator.

He has a unique blend of deep practical experience in diesel and natural gas power systems (reciprocating engines/burner systems/gas turbines) coupled with a strong analytically background (deep computational science experience) that can be utilized to not only solve technical issues, develop/implement power systems strategies, but also build predictive analytical methods for operational excellence.

Scott has published more than 50 internationally reviewed papers, served as Editor of the Journal of Gas Turbine & Power. He is formerly an Honorary Research Scientist at the U of Michigan. He has also taught part-time at the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA – 1 year) / Bradley University (3 years) in the area of Marine Power Systems/Mech. engineering.

A graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy, Scott also received an MSME (focus on thermal fluids) and a Ph.D. (focus on engine combustion modeling & experiments) from the University of Michigan.

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