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Power You
Can Depend On

Although the electricity grid is one of the great achievements of the 20th century, it is less than perfect. Overhead power lines are susceptible to high winds, storm damage, or even a local delivery truck running into a telephone pole. Communities and businesses depend on critical infrastructure to continue to operate especially during the extended power outages that have become the new normal.

Unison Energy specializes in microgrid capabilities that use on-site power generation to isolate from the utility during an outage and power the site in island mode for as long as the outage endures whether that is minutes, days or even weeks.

In the past 12 months, we have supported our clients with full power during 10 separate island mode events ranging from 2 hours to 8 days.

with Unison Energy

“Hurricane Sandy was a terrifying experience. You don’t know where to start. With Unison Energy, we now have power and our customers can shop.”

Melissa Buonadonna, Owner / Operator
Buonadonna ShopRite, LLC

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