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Tim, Andy, and Jack saving people money

Savings of 10-20% Off Your Utility Bill

Onsite generation is cheaper than energy purchased directly from the grid. For microgrids using cogeneration as the baseload power, the high efficiency of generating electricity and capturing the waste heat on-site is more efficient than the cost of producing and transporting energy from central power plants.

Unison Energy can quickly develop a savings estimate for your site but most clients see 10-20% savings versus the utility starting in their first year. Sites with larger electrical loads, heavy steam or hot water loads, or locations in high utility cost areas are the best candidates for savings with a microgrid.

with Unison Energy

“It didn’t cost the hospital a dime out of our pockets to do, and we’re able to save about $300,000 dollars a year on our electric bill.”

Jerry Dyer, Director of Plant Operations
Doctors Community Hospital

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