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We Finance Our Energy Projects,
No Client Capex Required

Unison Energy finances our energy projects using our own capital. We are the long-term owner-managers of our projects. During our sales and project assessment process, we also underwrite the project so that when the Energy Services Agreement (ESA) is signed, we are ready to put shovels in the ground and start executing on our mutual plans. Many developers are in the business of selling a project, contracting out its development, and handing off the “contracted project” to a long-term financial owner; often with operations and maintenance contracted to yet a different third party.

Time and Drew walking

Unison Energy’s Business Model

Our business model is to own and manage our projects for the term of the ESA, typically 15-20 years. This long-term partnership with our customers around the ESA impacts everything we do. Our project assessments are conservative because we are investing our own capital. Our engineers and project managers build projects for the long haul because we are financially responsible for the performance of the project – we only make a return on our investment if our systems are operating and our customers are realizing energy savings, energy reliability, and meeting their environmental goals. Our operations teams optimize up-time over the long-term with a focus on fast response times, regardless of the time of day; we invest in preventive maintenance, parts, and specialty tools, and manage our energy facilities with industry-leading software tools and data analytics. When we sign an ESA, we plan to be energy partners with our clients for the next 15-20 years. We are invested in our clients’ success.

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