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We Offer On-Site Central Plant Upgrades

If you are currently planning on investing in a microgrid or cogeneration project, then you have the opportunity to upgrade your equipment at the same time. As part of installing an on-site microgrid for your facility, Unison Energy can also work with you to provide central plant and other equipment upgrades. We often help finance and install boiler replacements, new VFDs, chiller expansions, and lighting upgrades.

We often see equipment that has aged past its useful lifespan and requires costly maintenance and repairs. Central plant upgrades reduce these repair costs while maximizing the energy efficiency savings you can experience from a microgrid installation. In some cases, these updates aren’t optional — installing on-site power may require upgrades to current equipment, to ensure the new system integrates successfully with the central plant. However, by working with Unison Energy your facility can avoid capital expenditures for these upgrades.

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We Handle the Purchase and Installation of Equipment

Unison Energy frequently includes upgrades to key components of central utility plants during our microgrid or cogeneration projects. Our team can manage the purchase and installation of various equipment as part of our Energy Services Agreement. In many cases these upgrades can be paid for from the cost savings expected as part of the microgrid installation, meaning your facility does not put down capital for the new equipment. Plus, we take all of the legwork off your hands by purchasing, delivering, and installing the new equipment ourselves. With our team handling the procurement and installation, we can ensure you do not have to undertake more than one project at a time.

Our Team Is Your Energy Partner for the Long Haul

At Unison Energy, we aim to become energy partners with our clients for the long haul. Our operations teams are committed to delivering superior results, no matter what you require. Whether you are installing a microgrid with an option for a new boiler or merely implementing a cogeneration system, you can count on our team to provide outstanding results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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